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I’m Melody Stevens, former public school music teacher and proud owner of Mozarts and Einsteins Preschool in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn and also in Jamesburg, NJ.

I’ve believed for some time that it is a crime of the spirit when schools de-value the arts in education… stripping down our children’s education to just the three R’s.

This push to strip down American education as a way of passing tests doesn’t work.

 It Breaks my heart…

How and why it’s happened is a long story, but my staff and I are determined to share with children… Starting with the youngest ages…
An education that nurtures the heart… the mind… and the spirit!

We know that to reinforce a life rich with beauty, aesthetics, challenge, and opportunity… We have to put music, dance, and art…  not only into our children’s education… but into their DAILY education.

We often underestimate what young children are capable of. 

As we know, our neighborhoods and communities are more diverse than ever. We also know that a bilingual program in preschool awakens receptors in the brain that make it easy to learn multiple languages later on.  It is super important… and to our children’s advantage… that these language receptors be stimulated to start developing prior to age 5, ensuring our children have the easiest time learning additional languages as they grow.

It is advantageous that children have the opportunity to learn and work with other children and teachers with diverse backgrounds, and styles of teaching.  It is affirmed that these children hav13335741_10210013449872128_4419622874038006469_ne an increased potential to develop more sophisticated socialization skills and stronger moral character.

Parents count on educators to help them as they instill these values in their children.

We believe all preschools should recognize these developmental points in a child’s life and emphasize a curriculum that addresses these points as they prepare our children for the world ahead 

13528892_10210151334079147_5856164296373020064_nWe now know that without daily exposure to subjects like music, dance, science and languages, many children are missing out on getting the best head start in life.

In fact, when you DO provide all this for children, along with fostering good learning skills, citizens and friendships, we are rewarded with lots and lots of smiles and happiness!

That’s why I opened Mozarts and Einsteins; a preschool of integrated arts and academics.

I envisioned a place that would enrich the lives of young children and their families, where children could receive the very best head start in life.

I got to see this preschool model in action for the first time near my parents’ home town of Dallas, I thought “this is the way school should be!”

In 2013, with the help of the Texas school’s founder and visionary, Bobbie Robertson, I opened the first preschool of its kind outside of Texas… here in beautiful Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York.

I soon opened a second Mozarts and Einsteins in Jamesburg, NJ and am thrilled to say that Ms. Robertson’s preschool model is now taught in 16 states at 43 locations around the country. Yay! It’s working!

 20160610-IMG_7472One of the greatest and most worthwhile challenges in life is achieving balance. With daily, whole-brain education, combined with nurturing teachers and assistants… young children thrive!

And I mean thrive!

One day, a child from Mozarts and Einsteins will go home and show their new tap dancing moves to their parents, another day a child will talk to their father about the solar system and point to the stars at night. The conversations about what the children learned at school are so often strengthening the bond between parents and caregivers and their children.


Melody Stevens

Proud Owner of Mozarts and Einsteins