Our Mission

Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of young children and their families by providing the opportunity to be creative, self-expressive and open to learning using our unique approach to early childhood education. At Mozarts and Einsteins, our arts classes, Music and Dance, with the academic subjects, Math, Science, English and Spanish are treated equally and are taught every day.  Our program places a strong emphasis on teaching children leadership skills, social responsibility and character development.  This is truly a whole child approach to learning.

Mozarts and Einsteins • www.emilydewan.comOur families have seen that this whole child approach to learning fosters well-balanced, happy children who look forward to “what’s next” in their day.  Mozarts and Einsteins agrees with countless studies, that in the formative years, a child’s brain is developing at its most rapid pace.  Therefore, it is crucial to awaken various receptors in the brain like Music and Language which helps make learning easier for the years to come.

As an extension of our mission, we have partnered with the NYC based foundation “Education Through Music (ETM)” which provides music as a core subject in inner city public schools.  For every student that registers with Mozarts and Einsteins, a child in elementary school receives music education for a year.


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